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Lovin' it!

"I bought an Ali Hamylton lipstick (Joyce) in a chemist shop in Perth in January '08 and have been ordering it ever since. I just can't find one like it in any other range! It's nice on its own and great overtop of any other colour. I've also tried a few other lipsticks in the range and love using them :-)"
Tracy S...Nov 25th '11


"I have used and loved Ali Hamylton products, especially the foundations as it is the closest to my skin tone than any other product I've used and it looks fantastic.

Caroline M...Nov 24th '11


"I have used Ali for approx 5 years.  I use it b/c the coverage is perfect to my skin tone and will last all day long.  It is not oily and does not show 'powder residue' like other powder foundations.  I always recommend it, but due to lack of suppliers in the ACT, it is 'too hard' for others to continue to use/buy.  My product that I CAN NOT and WILL NOT live without is Burdekin powder foundation...and my concealer...and my blush :o)"
Cassie R...Nov 18th '11


"Love your make up so much that i am getting the dual foundation delivered to my sister in Australia so she can send it to me in the UK. You guys will have to start delivering world wide because i can't live without your make-up."
Tammie L...Nov 18th '11


"Favourite product is the lipstick line - great range of colours and soft on the lips!. Always prompt and timely response to orders -  great culture of service which is very rare these days."
Susan H...Nov 17th '11


"I think the dual foundation is fantastic! I have used it for years, and very happy to have found a reliable supply in your online shop"
Lisa H...Nov16th '11


"I love the flawless look I receive from using Ali Hamylton products. A great product, haven't used anything else in years."
Janet P...Nov 8th '11


"I used this product on my wedding day and loved how flawless my skin looked!! The supplier I used stopped stocking it so i was very happy to find you on the net!!"
Christie N...Nov 7th '11


"Love the Bonza Bronzer and have bee using it for years!  It is the most natural looking bronzer i have tried and it doesnt leave you looking sparkly or orange like some !!"
Daniela F...Nov 3rd '11


"Due to having very sensitive skin I have great difficulty in finding makeup that doesnt react with my skin (usually blisters and bad inflammation). I have found that I can use Ali Hamylton cosmetics without that worry anymore. Thankyou. :)"
Suzanne Q...Oct 31st "11


"I have been using the dual foundation (Nerang) ever since my friend, who's a beautician, recommended it to me 3 yrs ago. I love the foundation. It's quick and easy to apply and gives good coverage. I love Ali Hamylton products."
Courtney O...Oct 24th '11


"I love Ali Hamyllton makeup, especially Otto creme eyeshadow. I have been using it for 4 years, ever since a friend did my makeup for my wedding using Ali Hamylton.
It is a staple in my makeup bag. I love when wearing it people comment on how good my skin looks. Now that's a product every girl needs."
Robynne R...Sept 21st '11


"I love the dual foundation. I apply it wet with a sponge and it has a great finish. It does not react with my skin which is very sensitive. It covers great but looks natural if you use the correct shade. I've used it on and off for 10 years but keep coming back to it. The only reason I buy anything else is because there not many stockyard around."
Carmel S...Sept 15th '11


"I've been using your makeup for aprrox 3 yrs, as I've aged my skin has gone blotchy & I depend heavily on your concealer, it is the best out of all the products that I've tried."
Carol C...8th Sept '11


"I had a free makeover using these products in 2001 and have never looked back. I don't wear a lot of makeup. I do my eyes - foundation- thats it. The liquid liner is divine and the ESK dual foundation is all I need. I rarely need to use a concealer or liquid foundation.  ESK lasts all day. I really appreciate the quality of the product. Nothing on the market comes close to feeling so light and natural, all the other mineral makeup versions feel a little funny on my skin, But not Ali Hamylton.  Everything  of yours that I use smells good (natural) and gives no irritation. I will be devistated if it ever gets discontinued. love it!"
Sarah F...5th Sept '11


"Darling Dual Foundation is a wonderful product and I even have my daughter using it now."
Cheri V... 23rd August


"I attend school at Beauty Plus in Launceston Tasmania and have been using the products at the school, i have fallen in love!"
Lauren R... 17th August '11


"I have been using Ali products for around 12 months after having a free makeover from an Ali Hamylton consultant . The Burdekin dual foundatin is the best foundation I have ever looks so natural, has great coverage and people are always commenting on my skin when I am wearing it!
I loved my makeover so much that I bought a whole range of Ali Hamylton, concealer, bronzer, eyeliner, shimmer eye shadows, the works!! I have never done that before, so I must have been impressed!
I am an Ali Hamylton convert for sure, and highly recommend the products to friends :)"

Melissa G... 11th August '11


"I have used the dual foundation for many years. About 10 I reckon! It is the most amazing product, no other compares to it as it gives the best coverage! I also use the concealer, blush and eye shadow and have quite a few shimmers too. But the dual foundation in Esk is unbeatable. Love it!
Deb P-B... 8th August '11


"The dual foundation is three daughters and i use the product and love it."
Lisa H... 2nd August '11


"I have been using the foundation & eye makeup for the last few yesrs.  The makeup is FANTASTIC!!!! I have  never used anything as good as this foundation & have introduced it to lots of my family.  Only hassle I have is my local chemist no longer stock it & I have to travel an hour to purchase or buy online which makes it hard when your running short and havn't ordered any in advance...keep up the great products not sure what I'd do if I couldn't get them anymore!!  Deirdre x"
Deirdre H... 1st August '11


"The products have lasted a long time, they give a very natural appearance and it doesn't require and expert to put them on."
Sally V… 7th July '11


"I love the colours.  I've been using Ali Hamylton for over 10yrs. Bessette Lipstick is my fav."
Shami S… 6th July '11


"I started using Ali when I got my make up done for my year 12 graduation, I love it because it hides all the ugly bits ie; dark circles under the eyes."
Lauren B… 27th June '11


"I Worked in Pharmacy for years and, even with all the free samples and testers, I still prefer to pay for Ali Hamylton's makeup."
Marjy G… 27th June '11


"I've used these cosmetics since my friend who was a beautician introduced me to them in 2000. I don't wear a lot of makeup, however the Bulla eyeshadow used with your brow brush is pretty much a daily occurrence since I first started using it. I use the shadow as an eyeliner and it is the best eyeliner I have ever used. I often have comments on my eyeliner and always say the brand I use. I hope that this product will always be available as I don't know what I'd do otherwise as I have never found anything that compares to your product :-)"
Rhianna W… 26th June '11


"Love the organic lip conditioner."
Karen R… 24th June '11


"I have been using the products for the last 2 years.  I have been using the Dual Foundation and it was an immediate relief to what I was used to, other products made my skin flare up and come up with red spots."
Wahidah P… 24th June '11


"I use the dual foundation and love it. I have used it for two years, since having used it for my wedding. It certainly gives great coverage and lasts all night long!"
J O'Keefe… 21st June '11


"I use the the shimmers as I love the look and get numerous comments when I use them, so I feel great.  I have recommended them to collegues as well."
Samantha B… 21st June '11


"I have been using the foundation for a few years now, it was recommended to me by a sales assistant in the chemist where I shop. Only recently have I started using the other products. I have recommended the product to family and friends who also use the products all the time now. My favourite would have to be the foundation. I don't wear a lot of make up and sometimes just apply the foundation. I usually don't like the feel of powders on my skin but I don't even know I have this on, it just feels so light and is easily applied. The other product I really like is the lip balm, I apply it all the time. Thanks Diana"
Diana L… 8th June '11


"My mum likes it!"
Shari P… 31st May '11


"I absolutely love Ali Hamylton cosmetics, it is the only product that always gives me a flawless finish everytime! Would absolutely recommend it to all my friends and family! xx"
Sarah M... 27th March '11


"I use Ali Hamylton products because they feel natural and look great. I have been using them for around 3 years and have recommended them to my friends. My favourite product is the creme blush which goes on so well and stays all day and gives a great look."
Cherree B... 22nd March '11


"I have been using Ali Hamylton products for 12 years. I have always found the products to be of the highest quality without the ridiculous price tag. My favourite products are the eye shimmers, they are so versatile and there is nothing else on the market that comes close to them."

Belinda T... 4th March '11


"I have been using the dual foundation for years and used to buy it from a chemist in my parents area until they stopped stocking it, I was relieved that I can still buy it online..... Please please don't stop making it as a wouldn't know what to do with myself hahaha! I love it so much!!!!!!!"
Kym D...4th March '11


Kerri D... 28th February '11


"Have been using Shale Lip liner for ten years!"
Kate H... 18th February '11


"I have used your products for three years.  I LOVE the foundation and find when I am travelling the convneience of the compact is wonderful."
Kaye F... 17th February, '11


"I don't often buy makeup. I've used my current stores right down to the bare bones and I knew I couldn't put off buying some any longer. My skin is very fair and tempermental and it's very difficult for me to find easy to apply makeup that looked good and stayed looking good. I stayed at a friends place and borrowed her Ali Hamylton Makeup Book and I fell in love with the foundation, I looked awesome when we went out and when I got home it looked just as good! So now I want some of my very own! Thanks Ali!"
Jess C... 6th February '11


"The concealer is a wonderful product, wonderful for my dark shadows under the eyes."

Leanne H... 19th January '11


"I use the Ali Hamylton dual foundation because it's the only foundation I've found that gives me perfect coverage without the look of heavy make up. After I moved town away from my supplier I tried other foundations with disappointment and searched until I found someone who supplied my beloved Ali Hamylton make up!"
Sarah D... 13th January '11


"Best Lipsticks around"
Heather M... 7th January '11

I use Ali Hamylton because it has great coverage, is reasonably priced, easy to use and always high quality. I've used it for about 8 years or so and I have recommended them to my friends, my favorite products are the deep shades of lippys and the Esk and Darling dual foundations."
Andrea S... 6th January '11


"I love the ease of using the Darling Dual Compact!"
Mikala L... 4th January '11


"I use Ali Hamylton  as it is different and I love the shimmer eye  shadows...  they last for ever and are different to most other eye make up."
Sandra I... 14th December '10


"Hello I have used this eye shadow, Tilba for about 10 years! Thank you."
Marilyn B... 11th December '10


"So far I have only used the Burdekin Dual Foundation. It is a fantastic product, & as I needed a refill I decided to try more of the Ali Hamylton range."
Colleen F... 2nd December '10


"I have used the Saxby dual foundation since about 2001, and find it ideal because of the correct skin shade for my skin, and because it conceals imperfections without clogging my pores or being difficult to use.  It is also long lasting, my skin feels natural with it on, not heavy or sticky.  If my skin is oily it lasts even better, if my skin is dry I can use a suitable moisturiser.  I like it because I don't want to be caked in foundation - I don't want to look perfect and flawless, but rather just to feel confident that I look ok.

I have rarely tried to find a better alternative, even though I was living in the UK between 2002 and 2009, since most powders and foundations are either to white, or too pink, or too heavy, and bronzing powders seem to highlight pores and imperfections."

Charmaine S... 26th November '10


"When I was training to be a beuty therapist I started using your products.  I love the colours, the foundations and I guess the main thing is I understand the product so i know how to use it.  I would love to have more traing with some of your new products.  I have used your products for 6 years and I have recomended others.  Its funny some times i try other foundations and so on but I always come back to Ali.  My favourite product is Shirl lipstick.  I would like to be able to purchase the two tone eyeshawdows you supply in the book, individually. Thanks Mel"
Melissa W... November 22nd '10


"I love Ali Hamylton make-up.  I have now been using it for just under a year and my skin is wonderful, it sits beautifully on the skin and the coverage is just great."
Mardi G... 21st November, '10


"Quality products; I have used them now for 14 years, they are easy to use, long lasting (ie, will last the whole day and evening!), they are sublte, there is a good range for all skin types and colourings, and mainly because they are Australian made for Australian women and Australian climates"
Gilian C... 12th October, '10


"I was introduced to Ali and her products at a workplace - girls night out! I have used the Dual Foundation, Creme Foundation, lip pencils, concealers, and lipsticks! (of all colours) Wonderful products! The evening was fun, and the demonstration was very informative."
Alison O... 16th September '10


"I have used Ali Hamilton for way over 15 years, its the only product I can use on my skin that leaves it looking its best with no reactions. I have a baby due on Christmas Eve and if its a girl, I cant wait to introduce her to Ali Hamilton makeup at the appropriate age. I would never consider using anything else. The Esk foundation is the best thing I've ever come across. Thanks Kylie."
Natasha I... 10th September '10


"Best black liquid eye liner ever!"
Carmen M... 11th September '10


"My hairdresser used Ali Hamylton make up on me for my wedding over two years ago and I've been using it ever since. It's light and natural and I find it lasts better than other similar products. I would highly recommend it to anyone."
Kimberlee D... 8th September '10


"I have used Ali Hamylton products for 18 months and will not use anything else. They are so light and fresh and give an even coverage."
Sian W... 3rd September '10


"Love love LOVE this foundation!!!! I used to wear Ali Hamilton Dual Foundation years ago, it was stocked at my local chemist, a total lifesaver and the only foundation that would cover my blemishes, stay on all day and reduce redness. I was absolutely devistated when the chemist told me, to my dismay, they were no longer stocking it as the product had been discontinued. Nothing I have tried since has come even close to Ali Hamilton. I recently tried googling Ali Hamilton just on the off chance my much loved foundation may have come into existence once again, and to my disbelief I found this website!  I have just placed an order for my favourite "Saxby" foundation and am very much looking forward to recieving it in the post. Very happy to be able to purchase this product once again. Thanks guys, Love your stuff!"
Camille S... 25th August '10


"I've been using high end products for years, specifically Dior & Chanel, however I had my makeup done by a girl who used Ali Hamylton products and I loved it.  My all time favourite is the Thora lipstick, it beats anything Dior or Chanel have on offer that's for sure!"
Kerrie D... 20th August '10


"When I was training as a beuty therapist I was trained in Ali Hamilton and have continued to use it ever since as I really like the colour range and the way new products are coming out all the time."
Melissa W... 16th August '10


"This makeup is perfect for my skin tone"
Amanda D... 12th August '10


"I love the eye shimmers. They go on easy and stay on."
Natasha M... 31st July '10


"Great products. I find the Jade eyeliner pencil is absolutley fantastic (soft yet stays where's it's supposed to!) and this time I'm trying the dual foundation."
Judith P... 27th July '10


"I have been using  Ali’s Dual Foundation ever since there was a free make up trial on at my local chemist, around the time of my year 10 formal (10years ago now). I love it because it is so easy to apply and you can wear it as lightly or as heavy as you want and it blends so well.  It also does a great job keeping my oily skin under control."
Heather S... 26th July '10


"I have a full kit of Ali Hamylton cosmetics, I am 42 yrs old and have tried all the others but nothing compares. I have been using Ali Hamylton cosmetics for about 8 years, its the best."
Jacqueline G... 25th July '10


"When i was in Sydney for my sisters wedding 10 years ago i went to a make up artist that used the Esk Dual Foundation on me I absolutely LOVED it. It has awsome coverage without feeling heavy and is a perfect match for my skin colour :) so have been using it ever since!! There was only one place in WA that I could get it and when they stopped stocking it I had no choice but to brave the internet order system and was plesantly surprised at how easy and customer friendly it was!! THANKS" :)
Lynette M... 20th July '10


"I love the dual foundation.  I have oily skin and my beautician recommended it to me about four years ago.  I love the matte appearance and the fact that you can have the choice as to whether you want the coverage light or more coverage say if you are going out."
Michelle D... 19th July '10


"My daughter worked at a pharmacy on the beauty counter and talked me into trying Ali Hamilton as she believed that I would find a good colour match and a makeup which stays on.  She was right!  This was about a year ago and I am still using the Dual Foundation."
Tracey J... 18th July '10


"Best Foundation I have ever used, great coverage & ,light on my skin, I have been using it for 10 years!"

Barbara W... 17th July '10


"I love the colours. I have an olive skin & need darker lip pencil & lipstick colours.  I have been using them for approx 1 year, and yes I would recommend to my friends."
Cathy M... 14th July '10


"First discovered Ali Hamylton concealer at a Chemist approximately 10 years ago - still using it, still loving it!"
Karyn S... 8th July '10


"I love this foundation it is fantastic on my skin it looks flawless and goes on so smoothly."
Eryn C... 28th June, '10


"The makeup artist for my wedding used Ali Hamylton dual foundation and I absolutely love it!!! 3 months later I am still going on the original compact, it lasts all day and still looks fantastic at the end of the day. Its very lightweight and natural so I dont feel 'overdone'...I've also got one of the lipsticks and lipglosses which are amazing too!"
Vanessa G... 4th June '10


"As a natural redhead, it's been virtually IMPOSSIBLE for me to find a foundation light enough for my skin that doesn't end up making my face go brown against my pale pinky complexion. Ali Hamilton's make-up has made me finally find the shades perfect against my complexion, and no signs of brown-ness after a day at work! You've solved a huge issue for me, and I'm incredibly thankful to finally find something light enough and natural against my skintone! Thankyou so much Ali Hamilton Makeup!"
Rachel N... 24th May '10


"Very happy , excellent coverage of broken capillaries on chin and nose area. i would recommend this product to all my friends!"
Kathy S... 16th May '10


"I got married nearly three years ago and the makeup artist used Ali Hamylton products. Have used them ever since! I bought all  the brushes, burdekin powder, sydney blush and jazz lipstick."
Angela O... 14th May '10


"I love the giles lipstick and have used it for about 6 years. It is a similar shade as the Poppy lipstick I used in the early 90's but doesnt leave your lips really dry. It is the only lipstick I ever use. I first found it at the queen st chemist in Woollahra. Many people over the years have asked me what lipstick it is."
Natasha H... 11th May '10


"Ali Hamilton foundation gives great coverage and I would definitely recommend them to my friends."
Laura M... 5th May '10


"I use Ali Hamylton thanks to a good friend who is a make up artist. Have used it since I met her 4 years ago and recently recommended to some new friends, as I have now moved from VIC to NT... only to find they use it too! Very popular product. Love the foundation. Thank you!"
Michelle F... 6th April '10


"I have probably been using your cosmetics for about 10-15 years and have found them to be an excellent product. They suit my sensitive skin and have a natural and long lasting effect."
Veronica M... 2nd April


"I have been using mineral powder foundations for a few years now and love them, even though I have trouble when applying the powder to my face as the powder ends up everywhere. I tried the Ali Hamylton Dual Foundation from my sister and liked it. The compressed powder/cream like consistency is NOT MESSY!!!!! The coverage is great too as I have new blemishes post pregnancy.
Thanks for a smart product.
Kristina S... 14th March


"To date I've only used the Dual Foundation and I love it.  Today I've bought 2 more products so will let you know when I've tried them but I expect I will be happy.  My next challange is lipstick... eventually :)
Bronwen T... 24th Feb '10


"I love ali's dual foundations, I have been wearing makeup for 28 years and it is the best foundation I have ever used. it is easy to apply, and does not dry out. also the colour range means that anyone can find a shade to suit them."
Gillian C... 23rd Feb '10


"Kylie the fabulous make up artist introduced me to the products and low and behold I've been using Shale lip line and wearing Kanga lipstick since it all began (late 1980's or early 1990's??).
People always comment on my staple lip colour. I love it! Been lookng for the perfet soft pink pout so hoping the new liner does it. Will keep you posted."
Linda F... 18th Feb '10


"I would definitely recommend Ali Hamylton to my friends, I have been using Ali's makeup for about 3 years I think, and love the Crème Foundation(Thredbo). I have very bad broken capilliaries on my face and the make up seems to soften the redness."
Elizabeth D... 11th Feb '10


"I love the eye shimmers, they go on so easily. Lots of people have asked me about the eye shimmer when I am wearing it (which is every day). I love the colour 'Storm' - it is a great green.  I have been using the shimmers for many, many years now and have recommended them to friends and strangers."
Stephanie T... 8th Feb '10


"Ali's lipstick in Kanga has been my favourite for over 13 years. I still love that colour!! When I recently got married and had my makeup done professionally I told them to skip the lippy I had my own. The colour was perfect as was the day."
Dianne... 29th January '10


"LOVE the dual foundation! Light but with excellent coverage. Its also very natural looking and easy to apply which is great for me as I wear little makeup!"
Mikala... 26th January '10


"I have loved Ali's products for 10 years or more, I just had trouble finding a distributor!  Now I am so glad that I can finally buy all the products that I love online!
Janine... 20th January '10


"My waxist in hobart sells Ali Hamylton at her salon. I wasnt really a makeup person but am totally hooked and wont leave home without it on."
Katie... 20th January '10


"The part-time manager of a pharmacy in Bondi Junction, who had significant experience with many cosmetics brands, made me up one day with your cosmetics. I got exactly what I'd been after for years but didn't know how to get - a natural look that was flattering and didn't take more than 10 minutes to put together. I had lots of compliments and friends and family asking me what I'd done. I've never hestiated to recommend Ali Hamylton to them and my mum actually had Kylie show her how to do her make up too. It's helped me to look more professional and I'm sure didn't hurt my chances with the lads back when I was single :) thanks, Lou"
Louise... 12th January '10


"I'm 43 years old and still have orange toned freckles. After all these years, Ali's Esk foundation is the only one that I have found that suits my skin tone and dosen't make me look over made up. Thanks Ali Hamylton!
Ros... 30th December '10


"I have been using Ali Hamylton cosmetics for about 5 years now and love the entire range.  I have broken capillaries on my face and have found the dual foundation the best ever in concealing them whilst providing a completely natural look at the same time.  I will be a customer for life."
Caroline... 23rd December '09


I have used Ali's products for years now but the dual foundation is the winner.  I am a nurse and without exception every time I wear it to work people tell me what lovely skin I have!!
I would never ever use any other product.
Jo 18th December '09


"Easy and quick to apply then stays on without a whole lot of retouching. Kylie, your choice of colours enhances my natural appearance and the mascara doesn't make my sensitive eyes all runny. I do recommend them to everyone, I have used them for 1 year (I think - Happy Christmas Kylie and Paul!!)
I also like the brushes that make a good result easy (more thankyou's Kylie)"
Margaret... 14th December '09


"I use the eyeshadows everyday and love the colours, particularly the naturals. They last all day and are strongly pigmented and I like that they aren't all shimmery. I also love the dual foundation and use it regulalry."
Diana... 11th December '09


"I have been using Ali products for over ten years. They are simply the best!"
Leesa... 9th December '09


"I've been using Ali Hamylton Cosmetics for about 4-5 years, they feel really nice on the skin and look natural, they have a proffesional look that makes my skin feel nice. I love the two way dual foundation as I dont really like foundation and this feels great! I would deffinatley reccomend it to other people! Thanks"
Danielle... 3rd December '09


"I love your pink lipsticks & look forward to trying the new lip liner. I am unable to buy these locally anymore in our country town and I have used Lulu right down to the last bit with a lippy brush! So for a first time user ordering over the net ---here goes!
Thanks & look forward to the parcel arriving."
Heather... 3rd December '09


"I have used your shimmer stick for eyes for years. They are so easy to apply and work with and are in the gretest colours.I have found it very hard to buy them and was so happy when I found them on the internet."
Jennifer... 3rd November '09


"I walked into a chemist in Goulburn last night and asked what was the best foundation, well what a surprise, I not only received a complete makeover, the creme foundation is the best I have ever used, I havnt stopped talking about it.and recommending to others...I am now an official addict....well done Ali"
Marg... 29th October '09


I had to leave this testimonial as it is because I loved it soooo much! 

"Sorry, Kyile, I don't know where to put my appriciation words about using your product for more than 6 years.
It is a creamy white base eyeshadow Eliza which let my makup stay in perfect condition from early morning till night. I'm 61 yrs of age and I noticed that my skin on eye lid didn't get affected by using non stop this cosmetic.
In a meantime i tried other ideas, but it was only a wast of money. Sorry for my english, but words come strait from my heart.
If you wish to edit please do and please attach my feelings on the "opinion wall" for others.
I wish you all the best on your further carrier, as I bless your Mum Ali!!!!

Yaga... 6th October '09


"Esk31 is the best face powder I've used it for more than 5 years, buying online allows me to shop anytime."
Julie L... 1st October '09


"Ali Hamylton Makeup stays on for ages and looks great."
Alison H... 28th September '09


"I just wanted to tell you that I have been using the shiffon lipstick for aout 6 years now and I cannot rave enough about it!! It’s the perfect colour no matter what you are wearing. Its also a great base for lipgloss or any other colour you want to add to it! I just bought 3, everyone always compliments my lipstick… I love it, I love it, I love it!"
Linda G... 22nd September, 2009.


"I have been using the bronza for 6 years and just LOVE IT! I have now converted my daughter to the Bonza Bronzer and she has since passed it on to her friends.  The look is so naturally sunkissed when it is applied!"
Berneice M... September 15th '09


"A friend put me on to your products and I have been using them for about 5 years now.  I use the concealer and found it to be the best I have come across."
Maryanne R... 26th August,'09.


"I have used Ali Hamylton products for about 3 years now. The products are far more superior than normal cosmetics and I get many many comments asking... "what product do you use?". Simply stunning products for all ages, I have a daughter heading off to highschool and she does look very pretty with the products on for the Holy Communion & Graduation Days... Would not use any other product, so happy to find ALI and I have been doing  Makeup for 30 years!"
Suzanne A... 25th August, '09.


"Ali Hamylton products are worth taking the time out to let people know how wonderful they are. My fav product is the Burdekin dual foundation, I have never found a makeup that goes on so easy and doesn't even look like you're wearing makeup, and best of all doesn't even feel like you have makeup on. I can't live without it. Thankyou for creating such a wonderful product."
Tammie Louis... 24th August, '09.


I love flinders dual foundation!

It's fantastic, my sister bought it for her makeup for her wedding in April last year and i borrowed it and haven't been able to use anything else since

- its so light and doesn't make my face feel dirty like other make up
- the colour blends perfectly
- its not tested on animals
- i get soooo many compliments on how good my skin looks
- and its lasts!

I recommend it to everyone!
Jacky Garner... 22nd August, 2009


"I have been using Ali Hamylton cosmetics for nearly 10 years. I have not found a better product with such a natural result and I have frequently recommended the products to my friends."
Rebecca Francis... 10th August, 2009.


"I used to sell Ali Hamylton products and they are fantastic. I use the Bulla eyeshadow as my eyeliner both on bottom and top lids and love it. It stays put all day and when people find out that it's a shadow, then they're shocked. It looks as good as an actual pencil liner and with results as good."
Angie B... 7th August, '09


"Loving my makeup and have had comments on how well I am looking... obviously makeup working well. Easy application, can't wait to get all of it!!"
Allison H... 10th July, '09.


"Just love my makeup and have received somereally nice comments from people."
Maureen F... 7th July, '09.


"Ali Hamylton is quick, easy and works. It feels very clean on, I have been using it for 3-4years and YES, I would and have recommend them to friends... The dual foundation and the mascara are my favorite products (can't find anything that even comes close!!!)"
Nicole E... 2nd July, '09.


"I tried your range at the Every Woman Expo and loved the natural and polished look that it gave me. When I'm in a rush to get to work I can sweep on the Harmony creme shadow and instantly lift my look."
Kate G... 26th June, '09.


"I Have used Ali Hamylton Cosmetics since the lady who did my wedding makeup introduced me to them 4 yrs ago. Didn't really use much makeup before then but found this line so easy to use and good value. I would recommend them to my friends."
Maria T... 23rd June, '09.


"I have been using your dual foundation for about 14 years, and absolutetly love it. A friend of mine put me onto it and I have been using it ever since, whenever I receive any comments on how great my skin and foundation look I let them know what I use, I have converted quite a few of my friends! Such a good afforable product, would be devasted if was discontinued."
Kylie G...21st June, '09.


"I use Ali Hamylton products because they don't dry out my skin and feel really nice on. I've been using Ali Hamylton for about 3 years, my favourite product is the dual foundation. It is so easy to use and feels so nice on."
Estelle A... 18th June, '09.


"I love her make up I dont leave home with out it. xoxo"
Debbie B... 3rd June, '09.


"I have been using the Dual Foundation for approx 10 years now, it gives me very natural coverage and I never have the feeling that I have makeup on. I would absolutely recommend them to my friends."
Marie C... 29th April, '09.


I purchased the Yass eye shadow (for filling in my eyebrows) about 12 years ago and I have worn it everyday since! I also use the lipstick, facepowder and foundation and am so happy with all products.
Doris C... 25th April, '09.


"I find there concealer is great for covering up blemishes on my face."
Maryanne R... 16th April, '09.


"Love your foundation I did try Napoleon, too heavy had to come back to Ali Hamilton."
Liz V... 25th March, '09.


"You concealer is the best I have ever used! Thanks!"
Katie H... 24th Feb '09


"I love the dual foundation."
Therese J... 22nd Feb '09.


"I've used Ali Hamylton Cosmetics for about 10 years. I used to work in a pharmacy that stocked AH and I fell in love with them and have used them ever since (I have strayed occassionally - but always return!). I love the dual foundation - it is often all I wear, provides great coverage without the 'overdone' look. I've recommended to many of my friends and they often use the shimmer sticks too."
Tracey W... 16th Feb '09

Welcome to!

 Here you will find all the Ali Hamylton Cosmetics products you have been searching for, along with the sometimes useless, but every now and then useful, ramblings of Kylie Saffron Cook, our resident makeup artist and all round loud mouth here at ThatMakeUp.  Please feel free to ask her questions, or just put her back in her box if she gets over zealous.


ThatMakeUp Crew xx


We have been training our socks off :)

Ali Hamylton in actionWell, the makeup training nights taken off!  And it is hardly surprising, give a girl a chance to have a glass of wine (or two) and talk makeup all night and I hardly think she is going to say no!  

Allison had 22 friends that couldn't say no!  Luckily Ali Hamylton herself was able to come and help me out with this one.  Allison had all of these women, some of whom brought husbands, some of whom brought boyfriends, some of whom brought their babies and some of whom even brought their dogs!!! 

You thought I was joking about the dogs didn't you :)Ali started off the night with a little spiel about the do's and don'ts of making up our faces and then it was all hands on deck.  I am pretty sure that between the two of us 20 women got their makeup done!  If you want to hear straight from the source how it went why don't you go to the new Events page and have a look for yourself... Allison was stoked as she got herself a lovely, not-so-little, gift voucher from and by the sounds of things everyone else was pretty impressed with the evening too.

I have had lots of inquiries about these makeup training nights, and have also spoken to a few customers that are wanting them in different states.  If you are interested in having a makeup training night of your own , just let me know and I will do what ever it takes to get there and teach you and your  besties how to look beautiful with Ali Hamylton Cosmetics... even interstate!

Hope you are all well and remember to send you any makeup questions that you may have and I will get right on it.

Take care, Kylie x 

PS. Paul said I had to put in a photo of me...

Me and Sue


Mineral Makeup is sooo yesterday! 

Just today I was sent a FANTASTIC "Ask Kylie" question, and I thought it would be a great idea to share it with all of you as it is a question that just keeps cropping up. I hope Christine doesn't mind me sharing the intimacies of our conversation... ;)

The Question was titled...

Mineral Make-up.

The Question: A friend who I put onto your range mentioned she thought you were releasing a mineral foundation, is this true?
love your products, have been using them for around 6-7 years.

And here is the answer to this much asked question...

Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for you question.

I think that the "Ask Kylie" section of the website is my favorite page on the site, because questions like this are GOLD. So often when I am doing makeup I am asked "Should I be using a mineral foundation?" This mineral foundation obsession has just sprung up out of nowhere to take over the cosmetic industry... everyone wants a mineral foundation!

But, in your question you say that you have been using the products for 6 - 7 years, this proves that you my love are a pioneer among your peers, because you have been using a mineral foundation since before they even cottoned on to it in their latest edition of what ever mag they subscribe to!!

Ali Hamylton put a mineral foundation to market 17 years ago in the form of the Dual Finish Foundation! She researched to find the exact coverage she was looking for and she found it in a Mineral/Aloe combination. This shows, once again, that "Mother is always right" as I didn't agree with her at the time. Back then I was totally into liquid foundation, but she wisely didn't listen to me and brought to market what I have to say is the BEST FOUNDATION I have EVER used!!

So in a sense your friend was right when she said Ali was releasing a Mineral Foundation... she was just 17 years (as Ali did created it that long ago) behind the 8 ball... and 6 or 7 years behind you.

Hope this helps :)

Kylie x

... As an addition to this response I want to say that Ali (Mum) proved me wrong once again last year when she created what I have to say is THE BEST Creme Foundation that I have ever used. I told her that she already had it wrapped up with the Dual and that the range didn't need another foundation... I mean really, how can you go beyond the Dual?! We have acres of testimonials about it, some of you beautiful ladies have been using it for 17 years! But she wisely (once again) ignored me and now Ali Hamylton Cosmetics sports the Daily Double of Foundation ranges! You are a champion Mum, keep following those instincts of yours... and keep ignoring me!! love you :)


Let's Party :)

The other day I was answering an "Ask Kylie" question for one of our customers, this email turned into a phone call, which in turn became a PARTY. Yes Kim decided that she wanted me to come to her house to teach her and a few of her friends a thing or two about how to put their makeup on.

Me explaining how to get your foundation just right.It turned out to be a fantastic night! We all had a drink or two (or three), Kim put on a lovely spread of food and everyone had a ball... I am not sure that I have laughed that much in years. I guess that is what happens when you combine a room full of women, a few bottles of wine and more makeup than they had ever seen in their lives!

We were having such a good time that I forgot I was meant to take photos as well as do the makeup.

Thankfully Maureen took charge of my camera toward the end of the night and got a couple of snaps for you all to see. Thanks Maureen for being so on the ball.

Maree said:

[the night was] "very informative and I learnt a lot. The makeup feels very light and this was the BEST party I have ever been to."Cathy in the hot seat.

She is not joking, there were only 7 of us in the room but the noise was impressive and at one point we were all laughing so much that no one could say a word!

Kathy said:

"Great advice!You were very patient as you showed each of us how to apply the products right for us."

Here is Alli after she has had her makeup done.Allison said:

"Kylie is beautiful, she coped with all our crap!"

I am not sure about all of that, but what I do know is that she was so impressed with the great party that she booked one for herself!!
And 2 weeks later this is what Allison had to say...

"Loving my makeup and have had comments on how well I am looking...obviously makeup working well. Easy application, can't wait to get all of it!!"

And Kim... now she was really happy. Her friends were stoked, she had a ball AND she got a $160 gift voucher to for all her effort!

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge and hearty thanks! to Kim and her girls, I had a ball and am so looking forward to the next one!

If you would like to have a party of your own just let me know, I would love to come along :)

Cheers Kim, you are the bomb x


Who wants a FREE black mascara?

Hello to you all.

Just wanting to let you in on a little special we are running for the next couple of weeks. Until the end of June you will receive a FREE Ali Hamylton Mascara with every purchase over $25!

Pretty cool hey?!

Ali Hamylton Mascara is a super, jet black mascara. 

It has a beautiful gel base, is fibre free and long lasting.  The gel base gives it the effect of a volume mascara, without the gluggy leftovers of those fibre filled ones, it leaves your lashes looking shiny and inviting. 

It is not a waterproof mascara, so it wont break your lashes.  It is well and truly the BEST mascara I have ever used, my eyes stay itch free all day, and my lashes look freshly painted when I cleanse it all off at night.

Now, I thought I would celebrate this little gem of an offer with an online Mascara lesson. I know this is going to be a tough one to get across in words (all of you will have to get your tongues right) BUT I think it can be done.

There are a couple easy techniques that lead to perfect mascara so grab your new Ali Hamylton Mascara and head to the mirror.

Actually, first off let's deal with a couple of the questions that I get asked the most.

To pump or to wind the mascara wand?

That is the question. Well, if you have read anything written by the late Kevin Aucoin you would be on the 'pump' team and if you have ever been in the room at any of Ali Hamylton's memorable events you would surely be in the "wind the wand" team.  I sit well and truly on the fence on this one.

Ali doesn't like the pump action as she thinks it shortens the life of the mascara, and this may be true BUT this is made irrelevant by the answer to the second question...

How long should I keep a mascara?

Well, you really should change your mascara at least twice a year.  That small, dark, moist, airtight container of black sexy stuff is a wonderful place to grow all kinds of things that you wouldn't want too close to your eye, so I say swap it over a couple of times a year for a fresh, clean batch :) Therefore, you can pump or wind as much as you want as there is no way you will dry out an Ali Hamylton mascara in that time... or even twice that time for that matter.

Now that we have that ironed out, lets get to the job at hand.

Get your fresh mascara wand and clean the excess off the brush by running it along the top of the pot, then place the brush along the BASE of your upper lashes. Once you have it there give it a little wiggle to make sure you are going to really coat those lashes. Now, slowly and gently close your eye and run the wand through your lashes in the direction that you want the lashes to go (which is ALWAYS out toward the top of your ear!!) Now tilt your head back, look at your eyes in the mirror and work your lashes into the shape you want them to sit.

The bulk of your mascara should be on the base of your lashes, this will either give the illusion of eyeliner, or enhance the eyeliner you already have in place.

On the bottom lashes all you need to do is touch the lashes a tiny bit with the brush BEFORE you put it back into the pot. One doesn't want too much on those bottom lashes as these should only be subtly enhanced, not looking like a spiders web.

Then it is just a matter of repeating the process on the other eye and there you have gorgeous, long sexy black lashes. If you are wanting them to be a little longer still, just run a fresh wand over the tips of your lashes, not the base as this will make it too heavy, just the tips will give you an extra millimeter for sure.

Let me know how you go with this one, and remember to hold your tongue right :)

Take care, Kylie x

PS.  Here is a clever idea, you could buy one beautiful black mascara and get one free and land yourself a year's supply of Mascara for half the price!!  Now that is a good idea! 

Buy it here...

Ali Hamylton Mascara $22.95

(I know I said purchases over $25 get a free one, but I know I will get away with saying this, I mean I am the boss!)



How to use the Deluxe Liner Brush.

Kate asked me "How do I use the deluxe liner brush best to define my eyebrows?"

Great question Kate!

The Deluxe liner brush is the BEST eyebrow brush I have ever used! So it will be a pleasure to teach the whole world how to use it.

I am going to assume that everyone has watched my videos on how to shape and tint your brows and therefore your brows are perfectly shaped and just looking for a little definition.  (If you haven't click, watch and learn.)

I always define brows with an eyeshadow, not a pencil. I find that a shadow lasts longer and looks more natural, pencils just seem to be too heavy for my liking and they also tend to shine up quicker on a sweaty day, if you know what I mean.

My favourite brow shadow is Yass, it really does work for most colourings. If you have very dark hair then Tilba would be the go, and if you have super light hair you could go with Leura. The most important things to remember when choosing your brow colour is that if your hair is dark your brows should be a shade lighter, and if your hair is light your brows should be two shades darker and also that you never want to use an eyeshadow that has any shimmer in it, I mean who wants shimmery brows?!

Deluxe Liner BrushUsing the brush is simple, the fantastic, curved designe along with the firm (but not scratchy) bristles does almost all of the work for you!  Just fill the brush "tip" with the desired colour (you don't need a lot of product for this), tap off the excess and then gently shape colour in the brows, first going in the direction that the brows are growing, then going against the brows. This is so you are coating both sides of the hair. Then brush the hairs of your brows back into shape with either a clean mascara wand or a small toothbrush.

The secret to this looking perfect is not to press too hard, this will splay out the bristles and thicken your line. Practice drawing the shape you want on a piece of paper or on the back of your hand, you will soon see what I mean about pressing too hard... better to do this on paper than above your eyes!

Hope this helps, let me know how you go.

Kylie x


Jennifer Anistons bronzed look.

Jennifer Aniston at The Oscars. (photo from's on the cover of everything you can see at the news agency at the moment, the world is totally enamored with her story. Whether it be her look, her clothes, her previous marriage, her current relationship, who dumped whom, we all seem to want to know more about Jennifer Aniston. I have read a few of the articles and have to say don't go and buy anything based on her story as all of the articles seem to be different versions of the same interview!!

I have to admit to being a bit of a Jennifer Aniston admirer, not a weird fan, I just like her style from head to toe.  I like the way she wears her hair, like the clothes she wears, like how fit yet feminine she is, love her style and always love her makeup. She has such a great class about her, if I could steal one Hollywood wardrobe it would be hers. I am not interested in any other information about her, so I am not going to mention any of that other crap, it is just her style that I am interested in.

At the UK premier of Marley and Me I don't know whether I should be bowing at the alter of her or her stylist, as I am not a stalky kind of 'know everything about her' person, but either way, I wish I could stay this classic all the time. She seems to maintain her own look through each fashion craze, I doubt I would find a photo of Jennifer with a belt done up around her ribs because it was in Vogue, or some such other fad that is momentarily going about. She just seems to stay herself, and that is a self-esteem thing that I aspire to.

As you will see, I have included more than one photo, this is so you will see that she has a bit of a formula that she only deviates from a little here and there. Her look at the Oscar's was fresh and playful, with a little bit of extra oomph for the cameras, I thought the hair was gorgeous, it made me smile as I did my daughters hair exactly the same way last week and would never have thought it could look so good on a 40 year old woman. Her look on the cover of Marie Claire is the same, but just a little more bronzed California girl. Ultimately this is a woman that has found what looks good on her and knows how to play with it.

On the cover of March Marie ClaireIn her interview for Marie Claire Magazine she says "physically, I feel the best I have ever felt, and I feel happier than ever." This shows so much, and is an important aside to add here as I think it is the biggest beauty secret of all as it shines through even the heaviest foundation. When we are happy our hormones do so much more work for us than our blush or our concealer. I know this can be hard to manage sometimes, when the kids are pushing your boundaries, when the bills are more piled up than you would like or when things just aren't going your way, but it is the one beauty secret we all need to master.

Anyway, once again I digress!!! Back to Jennifer's makeup. As it was so recent I am going to tell you how to get her Oscar's look...

Just showing you agan to jog your memoryThis is a glowing look, so I would go for the Ali Hamylton Creme foundation in Charlotte. I would apply it with my hands, and then go over any areas that need a little extra cover with a mix of the dark and light amber concealers, apply these with a brush and blend into the creme until it disappears.

The eyebrows are enhanced with a swipe of Yass applied with the Deluxe Liner brush.

For the cheeks, apply Melrose Creme blush with your ring finger... start at the apple of your cheeks and work your way back in circular motions. You only need a little bit so build it slowly. Then for that extra bit of glow use Otto Creme Eyeshadow as a luminiser along the top of your cheekbones, closer to the eye.

For the eyes use a combo of Lillipilli, Perth and Figtree. Lillipilli goes all over the lid area right up to the brow line, Perth goes on to the lid area up to the socket line. Blend that Perth into the Lillipilli so that there is not a sharp line there, but don't go too high as this is a fresh, summery look not a smokey look.

The figtree is used like a thick, soft eye liner, showing just a hint of colour. Apply this with the Deluxe Liner brush starting from the outer corner and working your way in (only about 2/3 of the way in though)

Then it is time to line your eyes. This is really important as the eyeshadow you have on now should be quite soft, not really red carpet ready yet. Start out with your Ali Hamylton eye pencil in black, line the eyes from the outer corner in, concentrating on the upper rather than the lower line. Once you have your line, smooth it out with a cotton bud and then seal it with the Ali eyeshadow in Bulla, apply this with the Deluxe liner brush as well... think we might have to have a special on the Deluxe liner brush as you need to have a few of these, I know I have 3 in my personal kit one for eyebrows, one for black eyeliner and one for occasions such as the Figtree line in this makeup.

Then curl your lashes and give them two coats of Mascara.

Line your lips with Shale lip pencil and then swipe on a coat of Jazz lipstick.

To finish off your summery look and to give you that glow that we are all looking for get your Ali Hamylton Bronzing Powder and give your whole face a super light swipe with a mop brush. You don't need much, just a little glow.  You can also brush it over your chest and shoulders if they are exposed, it really gives your skin a lift.

And there you are, your bronzed California girl look is ready to go.

I will post a special with this one as it is so easy, so keep an eye on the specials blog to see what is available or make sure you're on our specials mailing list to get advanced notice!  Good luck, I know you wont need it as this one is EASY.



What the??!! Did anyone else know that Claire Danes turned into a swan?!

Claire Danes

Boy oh boy, hasn't Claire Danes grown into one beautiful bombshell! I could hardly believe my eyes when I found this photo on Back in the days when you would see her by Ben Lee's side she wasn't scrubbing up like this. And what a fantastic, current makeup style she is sporting. According to Allure Magazine's December issue, this is THE look to be wearing... it is all shimmery whites and soft, shimmery, pinks.

So, if I were Claire's makeup artist I would start with a Light-Neutral Concealer. You wouldn't think that she needs a concealer looking at this photo, but there is definitely concealer being used here. When you are using concealer, the important thing to remember is that you only conceal what needs to be concealed. Sounds obvious but so often people assume that concealer HAS to go in certain areas of the face... it is not the case, you just cover up the imperfection and move on.

I always apply my concealer with a brush first, so get your Ali Hamylton Concealer Brush (this one doubles as a brilliant lip brush for those blessed with full lips) and apply it to the blemish and blend it out. Start with just a little, you really don't need much and if you put on too much you will find your makeup gets cakey. So blend that concealer, really work it, I don't move on to foundation until the concealer is perfect... this way you will need very little foundation. 

In the March issue of Marie Claire magazine, the one with Jennifer Aniston on the cover, the L'Oreal makeup artists disagree with me saying that one should conceal AFTER foundation... This is impossible with a Dual foundation for one, and secondly, you need to match your foundation to your chest and your concealer to your face.

So it is a technique that has never worked for me... give it a go if you want though because I believe we have to find what works for us individually.  (btw, this is not the opinion of Marie Claire, it was just a paid ad by a hefty member of "Big Makeup" throwing their weight around... if you have read all my blogs you will know how I feel about big makeup, if not, have a read of this  Click here)

Once again I digress!!!  Back to work... I don't always use concealer, but I do use it more often than not, as I find that the makeup lasts much longer when I do. I really want to reiterate here, it is important that you get that concealer finished before you move on to foundation, to me this means that it should be so well blended that you really cannot see where it starts and where it finishes.

A big mistake that many women make, and makeup artists for that matter, is that they make the concealer too light in colour, this in turn makes the foundation too heavy as you need to use sooo much in order to COVER UP THE CONCEALER! Strange concept really... covering up your concealer. So get your concealer the exact colour of the skin on your face.

This may mean that you have to get two concealers and mix them, I mean really, what are the chances of a makeup company matching you exactly?! For example, I use a mix of Light Amber concealer and Dark concealer... ha ha, you would think if your Mum owned the company you would get a concealer that matches your skin wouldn't you? But, alas no, mine is a skin tone that will always take a little extra effort, such is the life of a red head... back to Claire!

Once I have her concealer perfect I would dust over her face with the Nerang Dual Finish Foundation with the Mop Brush... no sponge, just the brush.

Then get your Otto Creme Eye Shadow and use it as a luminiser. Apply it to the top of your cheek bones, starting at the apple of your cheek and blending back in circular motions. I just use my ring finger(which is sporting nowadays :-) to do this, no special brushes.

Moving on to eyebrows. We have another set of beautifully shaped brows here, the arch is 2/3 of the way along the eye (if not a little more) and this is opening up the eye, giving her a fresh and alive look. So get your Yass Eye Shadow and your Deluxe Liner brush. To apply, first go with the lashes of the brow, then go against the lashes of the brow and then brush into shape with a small brush like a tooth brush or an old mascara wand.

For the eyes; start with Eliza all over the lid area and up to the brow line as a base. Next get your Darwin eyeshadow and also put this all over the lid area and into the socket line. This should leave your lids looking pink and shimmery. Now, with your ring finger get your Cloud Eye Shimmer and gently push it into the lid area... not too heavy, you are not going for the smoky look here, you are just wanting a dusting of silver.

Then get a cotton bud, put some cloud on the tip and accentuate the outer corners and use it like an eye shadow underneath. Now, get another cotton bud and the Moon Eye Shimmer, and lightly dust it around the inner corner of the eyes, this will open them up sooooo much you will love it! (NOTE: Use the Moon gently, you only want a dusting here.)

Now get your Grey Pencil and lightly define your eyes, then curl those lashes and apply your Black Mascara.

For your lips I would either use the Diamond Lip Gloss, or if you prefer a lipstick because you want it to last longer, line your lips with Pebble Lip Liner and apply Astrid with a brush.

Lastly, get your Melrose Creme Blush and give you cheeks just a hint of colour... not much, this is not a rosey cheek look, so start with a little and build up the the colour you are looking for.

The special I am going to attach to this look is a big one, and not for the faint hearted, but if you are wanting to get a good deal on updating your makeup up kit, the Claire Special is for you. You will get...

Concealer brush
Liner brush
Grey pencil
Black Mascara

At only $250.00... that is 30% off the normal retail value of $350.00!, this will also include your express post to anywhere in Australia (Valued at $10). If there are Eye Shadows or Shimmers that are included in this special that you already have just let me know what you would like to swap them for and I will do that for you. Also make sure you let me know which foundation and concealer colours you would like so that I can get your look exactly right.

If you are having trouble getting your look just right let me know and I will see what I can do to make it work for you, maybe we can do a skype makeup lesson or something...

I hope you enjoy putting this look together, it was a new one for me and I love it, look forward to hearing from you, Kylie. x

No Longer Available
Claire Danes Special
$250.00 (that's $100 off!)



Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globe Awards

Angelina JolieI found this gorgeous photo on and thought I had to tell you all how to get this look.  Actually, to tell you how to do this makeup is so easy... seriously, Angelina Jolie has gone to the Golden Globes with such a simple, classic, beautiful look. BUT, and here is the disclaimer, to get you to look like this unbelievably beautiful creature is a whole other story!


She has started with a beautiful and perfect foundation for her, if you have skin like Angelina's I suggest that you wear the Charlotte Creme Foundation with a dusting (ever so lightly!) of Burdekin Dual Finish Foundation over the top.

Get your Ali Hamylton Bronzer and dust under your cheek bones, not like a tiger stripe, just enough to give you a little contrast and a little glow... you can also dust it over your forehead.

Now, for the cheeks. Get a rosey blush, Sydney would be nice as it is not too pink, and apply it to the front (or apple's) of the cheeks and blend it backwards along the top of the cheekbone. Then get the Otto Creme Eye Shadow and run it lightly along the top of your cheek bones, you will be AMAZED at the glow this stuff gives you! Blend it out with you ring finger in small circlular motions. If you find that you have applied too much don't just keep rubbing, this will muddy your look, just get a soft tissue and gently wipe off the excess.

Now check out those eyebrows! They are a lesson in the classic brow. The attention to detail of her stylist is to be commended. Notice that the brows are a shade lighter than her chocolate coloured hair, this gives her the definition that you look for with out the harsh, sharpness that a darker brow would give. To get this brow look I would use the Delux Brow Liner and the Yass Eye Shadow. Remember to go against the lashes of the brow, then turn the brush around and go with the lashes of the brow. You can repeat this process for as long as it takes for you to get the desired shade. If you have darker hair you could use the Tilba Eye Shadow instead, but be careful, that stuff is potent! Once you are there just get a small brush, like an old mascara wand or a tooth brush and comb those brows into line (if they get too unrooly you can put a little hairspray or moose on your brush first, this should tame them).

Phew, this is a lot of information for a simple makeup isn't it?!   So now we can move onto the eyes. Start with Lillipilli Eye Shadow all over the lid area as a base with the Large Fluff Brush, then go over the lid area and into the socket line with Yass using the Small Fluff Brush. Use the angle of the brush to blend the Yass up to create a soft, deep contrast, then run the brush around the outer corner of the eye and bring it underneath to create the beginning of your frame. The frame is so important in this look because it is all shading.

Get your Tilba Eye Shadow and run it over the outer corner of the lid and up into the socket line making a sharp ">" shape on the lid and up into the socket line, then blend it so the line is softened. Bring that darker shade around under the eye and along the bottom lashes too, not as far as the Yass, just enough to enhance that framing.

A little closer for you.Get your Black Eye Pencil and make a dark line along the top lashes from the outer corner all the way to the inner corner making sure that your line starts thicker and gets thinner, until it disappears rather than stops (you will need a sharp pencil to do this properly, a little tip is to put your pencil's in the freezer for a little while before you sharpen them, that way you can get them really sharp.) Then run the pencil along the bottom outer corner and the inside of the bottom inner corner... I hope this is not too confusing but the liner is sooooo important with this look. Now get a cotton bud and blend these lines out.

Now, with your Delux Liner Brush and your Bulla Eye Shadow go over the pencil to seal it in place.

If you want to make it a little more intense, which would be nice, you could get your Midnight Liquid Eyeliner Duo and your Delux Liner brush and apply a super fine line along the top lashes.

Now for a sweep of Black Mascara... I would do two coats and I would curl my lashes, and then coat your lips with a slick of Diamond Lipgloss.

And hey presto, you are ready for the red carpet!


Isla Fisher in Allure Magazine

In the February issue of Allure Magazine there is a fantastic story and spread on Isla Fischer, the Australian actress that is the talk of the town in Hollywood. She is beautiful, funny and talented to boot, so why wouldn't she get tongues wagging.

Her makeup looks fantastic in this shoot so I thought I might tell you how you can get Isla's look with Ali Hamylton Cosmetics...

We should start by stating that Isla is a TRUE redhead, therefore there has been a brilliant use of bronzing powder... so, though she is definitely a lighter colour, I would start with using the Perisher Creme foundation as a light concealer... using my fingers, gently covering under the eyes, the top of the cheek bones and the center of her forehead (between the brows), this will act as a highlighter and bring the center of your face forward.

Then I would get the Burdekin Dual Finish Foundation and apply it with a brush all over the face, neck and chest... only lightly though, don't want it to be cakey... really going for the bronzed Aussie look here.

Now for the Bronzer.  Get your Ali Hamylton Bronzer and your powder mop brush, fill it with powder and then squeeze the bristles together to create a more firm brush, use these stronger bristles and create a shadow below the cheek bone and then blend out the line you have created. Just keep moving that bronzer around that area, moving it onto the cheek and up toward the forehead... making sure that under the cheekbone stays the strongest in colour. You can also use the bronzer on your chest and any other skin that will be exposed.

After you are finished with the bronzer, get your Melrose Creme blush and gently apply it to the top of the cheekbones with your finger.

The makeup artist has made a strong statement with Isla's beautifully shaped brows, I would use the delux brow definer and the Yass eyeshadow to get that look. If you have dark hair then the Tilba will look fantastic for you. Remember that the highest point of your eyebrows should be 2/3 of the way along your eyes... if you need a little help with shaping your brows, go and have a look at the blog I posted back in September and see if that helps.

On the eyes I would start with Lillipilli all over the lid area, up to the brow and underneath the bottom lashes, then blend Tilba onto the lid area using the Small Fluff Brush. With the angle of the small fluff blend that darker Tilba until it disappears into the Lillipilli.

Get your Black Eye Pencil and line the bottom lashes and the outer corners of your eyes, then curl your lashes and be generous with the mascarra.

Last but not least, top it off with a sweep of Diamond Lipgloss to give that shine without too much colour.

At the end of all of this you should look bronzed and sultry, just like Isla... unless you are not a red head and taller than 5'3''!

Let me know how you go,


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